Twin Peaks and Me – Part 2

Or, The Owls Have Had It With Your Shit, Bro. Last time, I wrote about how Kyle Maclachlan looks really good in tight black clothing, how great characters with great writing made silly soap opera tropes truly amazing, and how the darkness is only as scary as the light is beautiful. You can find that […]

Twin Peaks and Me – Part 1.

This began as one post about the new Twin Peaks, but I struggled to find the words without going in to my experiences with the original show, which is an article all on it’s own. So I’ve split this in to two parts, this time I’ll talk about the original show, and next post, I’ll […]

You got some more of that Castlevania anime?

Despite feeling like I’d dodged a bullet when Paul W.S. Anderson’s Castlevania movie fell through years back, I’ve held out hope for an adaptation of the series while being afraid that it’ll be terrible. Along comes Netflix, announcing an anime based on the series and I was tentatively excited. It could go wrong in so […]