Wonder Woman: A movie more important than my opinion about it.


Okay, I admit it, I didn’t love Wonder Woman. I certainly didn’t hate it, and there’s even parts that I loved. I actually started this as a review of the film and how I loved 3/4 of it, and felt meh about the rest. But then I had to go and read a review of The Mummy.

Now what’s swirling around in my head is women and film, and how it doesn’t actually matter what I thought about Wonder Woman vs what it means to the world at large

It’s 2017 and things are looking up, yes. Rei is the main hero of Star Wars, Wonder Woman just killed it at the box office, but there’s still so far to go. You still had to struggle to get Rei toys and accessories when The Force Awakens came out, it wasn’t until *after* she was popular that they started hitting stores. Wonder Woman is still powered by romantic love in the film. I also remember Black Widow’s Motorcycle-gate where the Winter Soldier trailer features her riding her motorcycle out of a jet but the action figure put Captain America on it in her place.

Meanwhile, The Mummy is coming out and is being touted as the beginning of a shared universe of Universal Monsters (even though that’s what Dracula Untold was supposed to be, but that’s none of my business) and even though it looked terrible, I loved seeing a strong female monster kicking up mayhem and terrorizing the world. However, it’s just a sham. Her mission is to find a vessel for the god Set to inhabit. No no, she can’t have her own power, or be the vessel herself. She can’t take the vast destructive power of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet who liked drinking blood so much she almost destroyed mankind. (she was never defeated, the other gods just got her so drunk off of red wine that she stopped) Nope, she has to be obsessed with finding a man so a male god can do whatever male gods do.

We’re in a place right now where the winds are changing. As films and media become more diverse, we have the chance now to show movie studios that we want MORE diversity. We want female heroes, we want queer characters, and People of Color in big roles. Looking at that, my mixed feelings on Wonder Woman don’t matter as much as my support for it.

So please, go see Wonder Woman, sign those petitions to give Black Widow a movie. Don’t spend your money on anime movies that only hire Caucasian actors for the main characters.

We don’t need to keep a narrow view of white straight male story telling, we all deserve better.



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